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BTD came into existence as an idea to help kids throughout the world that are dealing with a very serious disease, that makes them feel as if they do not have any control over their lives. It is very much a work in progress, but has come a long way in the last 3 months from a one person show.

BTD’s gameplay and premise will be adapted from the course of a standard leukemia treatment, start to finish. Leukemia, at it’s basic breakdown is dealt with in the following manner:

1. An injury or illness that just won’t go away
2. Doctor orders CBC (Complete blood count)
3. CT or PET scan ordered to detect issues and where they are
4. Bone marrow biopsy
5. Chemo therapy
6. Targeted treatment
7. Stay healthy
8. And very important is to eat healthy, stay hydrated and have a good family/friend dynamic around these kids so that they do not feel alone.

A laymen’s description of Leukemia is that white blood cells do not fully mature, and get in the way of production of healthy cells, therefore weakening the bodies immune system. These immature cells need to be removed from the body so that the production of healthy cells can start to function normally again.

The game will be set in a sci-fi environment. The “world” will be a human skeleton shaped space station with the skull being the command center. Each of the diagnostics and treatments will be translated into game play, which has already been documented on my side. If specific information is requested/required, I will be more than happy provide additional information.

Some key things that I am going to focus on for this is to make it fun for these kids, help give them a feeling of power over their situation, education and education reinforcement. I have spoken with many RN’s in the oncology field for adults and pediatric. I have access to both adult and pediatric oncologists as well as nurse educators that are willing to help with getting the education portion for these kids exactly as it should.

The characters will be created in Character Creator 3, modified within Blender for minor adjustments and clothing creation. Animations added via 3d Xchange, and setup in iClone 7 and transferred to programmed in Unreal Engine 4.24 currently. Once the money allows, I will get an iPhone X, Motion Live and the iPhone profile for doing the facial mocap for the educational cinematics in the game. In the meantime, the nurse educators and the like will be providing me audio clips of the instructions as well as HD images of their faces so that I can use the Headshot plugin to create avatars of them and tie the audio files to them within iClone.

Power ups for energy, hydration and shield (immune system) will be designed in Blender 2.82. Everything is being textured within Substance Painter. The following platforms are being targeted:

Mobile (IOS, Android)
Xbox (Already have an Xbox ID for development)

Game types targeted.

If possible, I would eventually like to target VR for this.

One of the main points behind this game is that 10% of all profits from the game will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital for the life of the game and other cancer/disease based game for kids. The Leukemia edition is not the only one planned. I have others that I would like to develop as well for other childhood cancers and diseases.